San Pedro de Atacama & Small Villages


Two hour flight from Santiago to the city of Calama and 90 Kms from Calama road first level, you reach the mystical village of San Pedro De Atacama, the main center of all circuits that are made to indigenous peoples are scattered in the middle of the Atacama Desert and along with more than 15 volcanoes that exist around.


Camar, Peine, Tilomonte, Chiu-Chiu, where the Spanish conquerors built their first church in 1538, in addition to visits to the Tatio Geysers with fumaroles 30 feet Tall, salt lakes and natural hot springs.

The wonderful topography of the Valley of the Moon, the wonderful archaeological heritage and Pucara of Quitor and Lasana, Cerro Pintados geoglyphs. All this makes the Norte Grande De Chile a mandatory visit for anyone who wants a unique and unforgettable experience-

Will get a fligth to North of Chile. (2 Hours)

We will Spend 3 nigths in some of the several excellents Hotels in San Pedro Village. 

Departure every day : 8 am, except the Geysers day tour (4.30 am)

It´s a customized programs per client.


Very dry climate and just a few drops of rain. The area is marked by the presence of the Atacama Desert, the driest in the world. Here we find enchanted oasis like (Pica), creeks and salt flats, beautiful landscapes and mystic indigenous traditions (Chinchorro culture in Arica, Aymaras, Atacameños and Diaguitas).

Chinchorro culture being most famous for having the oldest mummies in the world with 10,000 years old.

 Second region of Antofagasta, Chuchicamata Copper Mine to the world's largest open pit, the widest part of the country with 445 kms and beauty of nature. With the clearest skies on the planet, that´s why was chosen by the community of astronomers from the 5 Continents, as the perfect place to build the biggest Observatory in the world , over 12,000 feet, Called ALMA Project.