Tour sky Resorts



We will take a mountain road surrounded by local nature vegetation and beautiful cascades

by ascending close to 3.000 meters (9.000 feet),  This unforgettable experience will be a real experience for you and your families.

If we put atention on road we can look Foxes, Rabbits and one of the biggest Bird of the world, The Condor, with 3 meters or almost 9

feet with the open winds.

During the arriving at the end of  road, on top, we are going to walk around the hotels to take the best pictures of your life,

to continue enjoing of the snow and maybe take some ski lessons in some of the school.

Duration : 8 hours, Tour departure 08:00 am Back to the hotel at 6:30 pm. (lunch, lifts tickets, clothes and equipment are not incluided) We suggest excellent ski rentals stores.


Just one hour drive from Santiago, We will enjoy a such of beautiful landscapes from the

Andes mountain range. There are four ski resorts, Farellones, Colorado, La Parva and the

most important, largest and modern winter ski resort in Latin-America which is Valle Nevado.


Located 150 kms from Santiago is Portillo, one of the best Ski Resosrt for th Professionals SkiTeams from Europ;Canada and USA. their very steep slopes is special to get a great pre-season in Chile.